Sculpture of an old God
Dynasty 0   (~ 3.300 BC)

This sculpture (height: 39 cm) is said to come from the Nagada region.
The bearded man also occurs as amulet-like figurines of stone and ivory from the Main Deposit in Hierakonpolis.
His sparse outfit is similar to those worn by warriors on very early carvings, but his appearance is far from war-like with a passive almost humble pose without any weapons.
The colossi of Min from Coptos are likely to have had this typical head but with a more modest beard. What god this sculpture is depicting is today concealed to science.
The material is hard stone showing that the Egyptians were able to master this using tools likely made of hard stone too.
A few Egyptologists have began to doubt the authenticity of this well known piece on stylistic grounds but they are a small minority among their colleagues.