Djet other forms:
Zet, Uadji
Uenephes? in Greek

Pharaoh Djet had his name after the vulture god- dess of the south - Uadjet, and just a single snake is present on his serek. In Sakkara one outstanding mastaba is from his reign. It measured 56 by 24 metres (twice the size of the Abydos tomb) and had 300 bulls' head sculptured around it with real horns.
This magnificent tomb made the excavator, British archaeologist Emery seriously take under conside- ration the possibility that Sakkara was the actual burial ground of the kings since such outstanding monuments had no counterparts at the royal burial grond i Abydos.
Nowadays (year 2000) the pendulum has turned again and Abydos is the favourite. During Djet's reign great advances were made in art and handicraft. If Djet is identical with Uenephes from Manetho's list, he is noted for a reign of 23 years.
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