Djedkare in Egyptian also
Isesi, Issi
Tankeris in Greek
c. 2388 - 2356 BC Reign: 32 years
King Djedkare is well attested but his relationship (if any) to his predecessor Menkauhor or the king after him is not clear. The Turin Canon gives him a reign of 28 years, (but some interprets the figures as 38). Manetho's notes 44 years (probably a too high a figure) and calls him Tankeris.
Cartouche # 32 from the Abydos list (in picture left) have the common parts: DJED (stability) - pillar, KA (soul) - arms, and RE (solar god) - sun. This gives the meaning of his name: "Firm is the soul of Re".
His name is also found in Sinai, Abydos and Nubia. During his reign the solar cult performing Re was steadily weakened and lost gradually in importance. This made the chiefs of the provinces more powerful on expence of the priests of Re and officials of the court, including the king himself.
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