Menkauhor in Egyptian

    Hor - Men - Kau
Menkeris in Greek
c. 2396 - 2388 BC Reign: 8 years
Menkauhor was son of (or brother to) Neuserre whom he succeeded. He left Abusir and moved his burial ground to Sakkara. His pyramid has not been positively identified, but a strong can- didate is located in the northern part, known by the name "the headless pyramid".
A slight break of tradition is seen in his name mentioning Hor not Re as his five predecessors.
Few remains are left from his reign and the pic- ture left shows him from a stele plus his name within a cartouche from the Abydos list of kings.
During his reign one unusual and most valuable historical record to Egyptology was made: the so called "Palermo Stone" which has a list of kings and annual notations of events from as far back as the unification of the two countries some 750 years earlier.    Menkauhor main text