Antef I in Egyptian also
Intef, Inyotef
 Lower four hieroglyphs: the king's personal name: Antef 2134 - 2118 BC Reign: 16 years

Antef I (Sehertawy) was the founder of dynasty 11 and ruled from Thebes where he was the son of the local chief called Montuhotep. Some modern lists has him as the founder of the dynasty, though he never de- scribed himself as such or claimed to be king.
Antef's cartouche (picture left) makes his throne name by the four lower signs. The top says: "son of Re".
The country was divided and Antef began fighting the dynasties 9-10 ruling northern Egypt from Herakleo- polis.
He took the title "king of the two countries" right from the beginning, though he never succeeded to fulfil its meaning.
The civil war that should last long after his death and he was buried in Western Thebes in a so called "row tomb" of a brand new design, cut in to the mountain rock. His two successors and namesakes made similar monuments for their eternal rest.
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