Khendjer in Egyptian also
in Greek?
ca 1747 BC Reign: c. 4 years
Khendjer is noted in the Royal Canon of Turin as king number sixteen, but local kings ruling simul- taneously may have been noted.
The duration of his reign is not visible in the pa- pyrus text, but considering what had been done to finish the pyramid he started for himself, a fair guess would be a reign of about four to five years at the least.
His unusual personal name Khendjer (meaning "boar"), has made some scholars speculate about his origin spanning from him being an immigrant from Syria to a military commander over foreign troops serving in Egypt, or possibly both.
The picture left shows the king and his throne name User-ka-Re written within a cartouche with the meaning - "The Soul of Re is Powerful".
(Khendjer main text)