On this famous stele from the Luxor Museum Kamose traditionally boasts of the plunder he had made and how his army smites the enemy etc.
In lack of arguments for his task(?) he announces that the people living in the Hyksos area have to pay taxes!
The fact was that his military cam- paign was not a success and he with- draw back to Thebes after reaching north as far as Faijum.
Quotation: “His majesty spoke in his palace to the council of nobles: 'Let me understand what this strength of mine is for! One prince is in Avaris, another is in Nubia, and here I sit in-between an Asiatic and a Negro.
Each man has his slice of this Egypt, dividing up the land with me.
The Mighty Ruler in Thebes, Kamose the Strong, protector of Egypt says:
I went north because I was strong through the command of Amon to att- ack the Asiatics. My valiant army was in front of me like a blast of fire.
When daylight broke I was on the en- emy like a falcon and at breakfast time I attacked him and broke down his walls. I killed his people, and I made his wife come down to the riverbank. My soldiers were as lions are with their spoil, having serfs, cattle, milk, fat and honey, dividing up their property, their hearts gay".