Black Eagle

Heavy tank

Weight: 50? tons
Length: 6,982 m
Width: 3,582 m
Height: 1,80 m
Armour: active mm
Gun: 125 mm
Crew; 3(-5?)
Engine: 16/1200 hps
turbo diesel
Speed: 54 km/h

"Tjorny Aryol" (Black Eagle) prototype was shown for the first time at an international exhibition in Russia in 1997 (picture). It has a turret without any crew inside. They dwell in the main hull separated from the main gun ammunition which is stored in (and undeneath?) the turret. The fireing system has automatic loading which increases the rate of fire. The minister of armaments, said in 1997 that Russia would be able to make 350 unit a year by 2005. It should have come into service in 1999, but did not and the manufactors (Omsk Transmash) has economic problems since 2002. The original project seems to be halted and possibly a focus on T-94 (T-95) will be a choise for the future. Time will tell.

Black Eagle drawing