Geb in Egyptian also
Seb, Deb, Qeb
Geb was the old earth god from Heliopolis in Lower Egypt. He was the father of Osiris and all others gods except for Atum, Geb, Nut and Shu. Geb was the first Egyptian king and at the end of his life he let his oldest son Osiris take over the ruling. Every new king claimed to be a descendant of Geb and at the corona- tion he had to get his per- mission to enter office. Geb also represented the valleys and mountains and was often depicted with green complextion (for the earth) or lying on the ground or with a goose over his head as he was said to have laid a cosmic egg which contained the sun. His nickname was therefor "the great cackler" and his laughter was said to start earthquakes. His wife was his sister Nut.
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