Heh in Egyptian also
Hah, Huh
The frog god Heh came from Hermopolis in Upper Egypt. He stood for indefinite time and long life. With his wife Hauhet he was one of four original pairs of reptiles which were cre- ated by Thoth at the beginning of time.
He could bee seen holding two braches (the Renpets) of the Persea palm where the years of time had been carved in. This was the old traditional way the Egyptians used to keep track of the passing years. At the bottom of each staff was a ring (sometimes with a frog) which was the symbol for eternity or an infi- nite number. Heh had no temples as he re- presented an abstract spirit from the dawn of time when Egypt was created coming up from the water. He was connected to the god of the air - Shu, and could be seen in a sim- ple dress sitting (as in picture left) on a stool formed like the Egyptian hieroglyph for "gold" - nub, a depiction of a necklace.
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