Eset also
Aset, Ast, Est
Isis (Greek version) was from Lower Egypt and she stood for motherhood, love, magic, children, medicine and peace. She was first mentioned in writing in dynasty five pyramid texts and survived almost unchanged through Egyptian history. People ask her to make marriages happy, and with time she also joined the Osiris cult as his consort. She was the god- dess with a throne upon her head and her name simply meant "seat". A popular motif was her sitting and nursing her son Horus giving him a meal (picture right). Like Hathor she could also wear the sun disc within two standing cow-horns and a cobra. Her parents were Nut and Geb, and she was sister to her huband Osiris plus Set and Nephtys.
Her temples were built all over Egypt in all times and her very popular worshipping was contin- ued by the Greeks and Romans.
The Ennead   Myth of Osiris.