Nun holding the solar boat of Re.
Nunet with her face of a serpent.
Nun & Nunet
The snake god Nun was the personification of the swampy water chaos (called Nun) from which life on earth emerged.
Out of it came four couples of serpents and frogs who represented - water, infinite time, darkness and void.
According to this myth from Hermopolis in Upper Egypt finally formed during the last period of the Middle Kingdom, Nun kept the solar boat of Re floating by holding it up, and the first gods created were onboard (se also Hu and Sia).
Somtimes Kheper, the holy beetle, was in the middle holding the sun disk of Re, there- by symbolising resurrection and creation of the daylight in the morning. Nun's wife was Nunet (also spelt Naunet, big figure left). She was more obscure than her husband and could be seen as a snake-headed woman who ruled the watery chaos and sometimes also thought to represent the high seas.
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