Asar in Egyptian also
Usir(e), Oser
Osiris (in Greek) was king of the Underworld and originally a god of agriculture and nature.
His origin is disputed and he first appeared as late as during dyna- sty five. In Heliopolis he was said to be son of Re and he represen- ted the dead king. Minor gods were taken into his vast cult and many legends were told about him. The common Myth of Osiris is about his death (murdered by his brother Set) and resurrection. He was the chief judge in the court in the Underworld, where all the dead citizens were trying to come through to Para- dise. He always wore a mummy-dress and was brother to Isis, Horus the elder, Set and Nephthys. His parents were Geb and Nut. He was also connected to vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River, seen in his green (or black) complextion.   The Ennead