Sutekh in Egyptian also
Seth (in Greek) was an old local god of storms and disorder from nome 11 in Upper Egypt. His cult spread by the desert routes and in dynasty two his name appeared in the king's title and supporters of his and Horus caused civil insta- bility. He had many forms: a pig like animal, a pig, a black hippo, a dog with an erected or arrow-like tail, a croc- odile or a man with red hair and eyes(!) dressed in a red robe. In the New Kingdom he reached fame again, now as the god of war with temples of his own. Kings (like the Setis) took his name. He was also a god of love(!) and popular in amulets. He sometimes symbolised Lower Egypt in pair with Horus who represented Upper Egypt. In the famous Myth of Osiris he killed his brother Osiris and was sentenced to pull Re's solar bark across the sky every day - forever.
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